NeuDomain LLC is ICANN accredited registrar. NeuDomain LLC is governed in its activity by Policies and Rules, approved by ICANN.

1. I do not have login/password or I forgot it. How can I recover it?
- Please use password recovery option
You will need access to domain administrative contact e-mail in order to receive password generation link.

In case you do not receive the password generation link:
- Check spam filter folder/settings on your mail box.
- Your domain may be locked or could have expired. Please try to find out when you last time paid for domain renewal and contact support

2. I have processed the renewal of my domain name. My payment was accepted but expiration date of the domain did not change.
- If to the best of your knowledge your payment was accepted please do not remit new payments trying to change the expiration date immediately.
It may take up to 2 business days before we would get payment verification from our payment provider which serves as a reasonable assurance of payment of renewal fee for your domain name. But as soon as we get such a payment assurance we shall update the expiration date in our Registrar database within one business day.

3. How can I transfer my domain to another Registrar?
- Please contact your Gaining Registrar and request them to initiate transfer process. You will need the domain EPP code (authorization code). Authorization code for this purpose can be obtained under request at or on domain management page at

4.We are trying to transfer our domain using the Auth Code you gave to us but we are getting the error message.
- The authorization code contains 8 symbols, and is case sensitive; please copy and paste it to ensure accuracy. Otherwise contact us at

5. I am in the process of doing a domain transfer but I'm waiting to receive transfer approval from your Registrar to confirm the transfer. Why is this taking so long?
- The transfer will be autocompleted within 5 days from the date of request. Sorry, our policy does not allow to accept transfers manually.

6. I've started the transfer process. Please update my DNS.
- We can not manage domain while it is in a process of transfer.

7. When I type in my url, it directs me to the wrong page.
- You must edit your nameservers, to reflect your URL (contact your hosting provider). Or just simply remove incorrect NSs from your domain WHOIS.

8. When I edit nameservers I am getting "no such domain or name server is registered" error.
- When changing your domain to use a new nameserver, please check if that nameserver you submit is valid: (select nameserver).
Please contact your hosting provider (a company that provides nameservers to you) to request nameserver registration.

9. I want to change the Whois information since our address has changed.
- Please edit your domain Whois information on domain management page:

10. I'm trying to change the A records & host names for my domain.
- To change the A record please contact your hosting provider. Unfortunately we do not provide hosting services, such as A record change.

11. Please can you help to make a website from the domain I own.
- Unfortunately we do not provide hosting services. Please contact a hosting provider.

12. I want to buy your domain name.
- Domain Registrar does not buy/sell domains. Please contact registered domain name holder (see Holder contact in domain Whois details).

13. Is there a way we can communicate other than e-mail? AIM, skype, ichat, facebook?
- Our policy does not allow to communicate with customers via facebook, etc. You can contact us using contact information indicated on the "contact us" page

14. I have had this domain for a number of years. Now my domain name is registered with someone else.
- It can be due to the different reasons: domain expired or was not renewed by you and was deleted by its previous Registrar. Please contact your previous Registrar for details.
- If you believe that your domain name was transferred from NeuDomain LLC to a new registrar/registrant without your authorization or consent, please contact us at without delay.

15. We hold the trademark rights on the denomination identical to the domain name, registered by your client (registrant). So we request you to make a transfer to us.
- Please contact a registered domain name holder to resolve your domain name dispute. Domain Registrar is not involved in domain ownership disputes except for obligations pursuant to the Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and to UDRP.

Dear customer,

Please, note that all the FAQ tips, laid out on this page, give only a brief and highly superficial overview of some of the typical (and in most cases - hypothetical) situations which can arise within the course of your day-to-day communication with our technical support team. We did not try to encompass the whole variety of all the practical issues and/or to provide the comprehensive understanding of our Registrar's policies. In case of any discrepancies, ambiguities, conflicts and/or inconsistency between the content of this page and the provisions of Domain name Registration Agreement or other explicitly legal documents and/or statements, posted on our site, the Domain name Registration Agreement and other explicitly legal documents and/or statements shall definitely prevail. We reserve our right to invoke more profound legal and expert opinion (from our in-house lawyers and/or from outside counsels) in individual cases when our routine experience of taking care of our clients needs to be enhanced to cope with more complicated and challenging issues. We therefore recommend you not to rely on this page as a source of any legal information but rather to use it as one of our technical support team releases which can be sometimes indispensable toolkit for you while you manage your domain name.

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